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2016-08-12 02:33:42

First Grass Field

Have been wanting to get a grass landing in for a while. I had driven by Eagle Field in Yarmouth and thought it looked in very good shape. I had planned to go for a sunset cruise with friends but they all bailed so I decided it might be the time to try. After calling the owner and getting permission, I set off. Did one fly over, one low pass, and then got as low and slow as I dared. It was actually really nice; the landing was good and field is in amazing shape. 

Here is 4818D pulled off to the side where I parked for a few minutes.

Was a lovely evening.

You can see my (pretty) straight tracks!

This was the other reason- it is right next to Toot's Ice Cream!

Walking back to the plane after the ice cream. 

The social media shot.

Was a lovely ride back to Portland. It was so rewarding to finally land on a grass field. It could have been a little slower but overall I felt really proud of setting it down exactly in the centerline and executing a good take off and landing. 


2016-08-01 01:29:28

Burritos in Bethel

Still in the stage where I can't fly enough so went out Wednesday. Originally were going to go sightseeing with some friends but they bailed so it turned into a date night.

We landed at Bethel to have some food and let 4818D graze on some lovely 100LL.


That said; sure was the place to fill up!

We had gotten some burritos from Bruces in Yarmouth. Was really fun to sit in the lovely evening and enjoy our dinner!

There was a powered parachute flying over which was really cool to watch. Was very impressive how fast he took off and landed!

Doing the pre-flight before heading back.


Then we were up! Looking towards the Mahoosucs.


And over Mt. Washington! Was an amazing experience to fly around here. Jess and I met in the AMC huts here and have hiked/skied numerous times so have always dreamed about flying around. This evening was ideal; very little wind so it was good for the first time. That said: even then we hit some bumps so definitely a good reminder to give these mountains a wide birth!


Looking into Tuckerman Ravine. You can clearly see the "Hillman's Highway" run to the right of Boott Spur.


Looking down into Carter Notch.


With that we scooted home just in time for the half an hour after official sunset!

2016-08-01 00:36:14

Friday Evening Scenic Flight

Took an old friend from High-School up for her first ever small plane flight. She took some very cool pictures of the flight - I'm not sure she ever actually put her camera down!

Nice picture just after takeoff on runway one-eight. 


Biddeford Pool from about two-five-hundred feet. 


Old Orchard Beach - we did a few steep turns just after this picture. 


The pilot (me) looking all serious and pilot-ish!



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