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2016-07-09 12:07:08

First weekend with a pilot's license

Well- its official- I passed my check ride on July 1st. It was quite the experience; exciting and humbling at the same time.

So with that went up for a celebratory flight the next day over Casco Bay with my first passenger! Thanks Jess!

Obligatory selfie

Casco bay is a magical place to fly; we went up to whaleboat island and turned around. Here we are looking at Chebeague.

Jess got this video of coming into runway 29 at PWM

Slight change of place; later that afternoon flew to VT. It was quite the flight: fighting 30 knot headwinds in a 90 knot airplane is exciting. But landed without an issue in Bennington, VT. The next morning though I took my dad for a ride around southern VT.

It was pretty amazing taking him around Bromley, the area where we have spent so many countless hours together as I grew up ski racing

Flying over Glastonbury Mountain. Pretty cool to see just how remote it is.

And the next morning I took off back for Maine; had to be at work at 1 but wanted to see some friends in Montpelier. My dad was nice enough to drop me off at 5:45am!

It was lovely to fly in the clean morning air. Went right by Mt. Equinox which I've run up countless times. Feels more impressive from the air!

Easy to see the Adirondacks

Montpelier was fun; so fun I didn't even take any photos! But the way back was lovely as well and this time the tailwind was really nice. Looking down on Moosilauke.

And doing a downwind for runway 29 back to home. Whew! It was a lovely weekend. Don't think I'll be doing something like it for a while but sure was nice to do it with sparkling weather.

2016-05-17 23:12:28

Flight to KDDH

For my three leg solo XC I actually took a longer route than normal and opted to do PWM-CON-DDH(Bennington, VT)-PWM so as to visit where I grew up in southern Vermont. After canceling one flight I was able to take work off on a Tuesday and enjoy some lovely spring weather flying. The first leg was uneventful, just talking with ATC and getting transfered over to Boston control but forgot to take photos at KCON.

Once out of Concord I settled more into it and got my camera out. I91 is a great landmark- just about to enter VT!

Looking down at Stratton Mountain. At this time I was near where I grew up and could use pilotage to navigate through familiar landmarks.

Did a ground reference maneuver near where I grew up at 1000agl. After this I got back up to 2500agl for the 10 minute flight to Bennington.

KDDH Landing:

At KDDH my grandmother and father met me- was quite a treat!

Felt so good to be home: Maine is great, but Vermont will always have my heart.

Stayed overnight and left early the next morning to be back at work- not before I'd acquired some important cargo though!

Taking off by the Bennington Monument in smooth air with early morning light was a treat I won't soon forget.

Over Somerset Reservoir- it was an amazing morning.

Over the Connecticut River Valley with Ascutney in the distance.

Bellows Falls

Coming back down for a left base into 36- one of my better landings yet.�

Safe and sound and cargo delivered! It was an amazing experience. Just a few more hours and some more prep work and I should be ready for the check ride hopefully! In the mean time this was a treat I won't forget soon.

2016-04-14 18:38:11

Commuting by Air

Decided to commute to my company's office in Manchester today, and instead of making the hour and a half drive I decided to fly it. 38 minute flight in 239AM - beats driving any day of the week. Skies were crystal clear and winds were smooth. Can't beat it.

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