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2015-12-02 17:33:18

Fall over Winnipesaukee

A few pics to share from a recent trip over Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. Met my cousin at Skyhaven airport in Rochester and flew 239AM for about an hour and 20 minutes up over the lake, through Moultonborough and then back to Skyhaven. Fought a 310 headwind all the way to the lake but then had a tailwind on the way back; what a great day for flying!

2015-09-13 20:22:37

First Solo Cross Country!

Completed my long distance (150 nm+) solo  cross country on Saturday in 239AM. What a trip. Went to Steven A. Bean Airport just north of Rangeley (8B0) bia Oxford and Bethel, and then came back through the white mountains via the Berlin VOR-DME and then over Fryeburg. Got a few great pics of the trip.

Ceiling was 5000 broken and I ended up lower than I had wanted to be, only about 3500 - 4000 for most parts of the trip, which is a bit disconcerting when flying through the mountains as a student pilot. Altered course a few times to follow saddles between the peaks and to terrain follow a bit, which was very fun. Whole trip was 3.1 hours in the air. 239AM was a champ and performed well the whole trip!


2015-07-27 23:48:28

Really want to fly!!

I really want to go flying again. I went last Wednesday and had a blast but the weather is looking pretty hot and humid over the next few days with a lot of forecasted fog, so I think I'm going to wait a bit for the weather to clear up. Early mornings might get a little more difficult as well; the sun is getting up even later and I'd rather not be taking off in the dark - though I will if I have to!

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