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How to Join

Interested in joinging the club? We welcome new members, both current pilots and aspiring pilots. Please complete the club application below, and then do one of the following: 

  • Have a current member you know sponsor you - you may indicate the name of your sponsor in the application below.
  • Attend a meeting and introduce yourself. Meetings are held every third Monday at 7:00 PM in the Communications Center Conference Room at the Portland International Jetport, KPWM. 
  • Arrange for an interview with a board member. Board member contact information may be found here.
  • Download and complete the Portland Jetport SIDA badge application - needed for ramp access. Application may be found here.

In addition, the following financial commitments are needed to make your club membership official:

Item Amount
Initiation Fee   $450
Corporation Stock (refundable upon resignation from the club)   $300
First Month of Dues   $100
Total:   $850






Membership Application

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Basic Information

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Check if you have a current FAA Medical
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Other Information

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* I agree that falsification of any statements or information on this application may be grounds for later dismissal from the club and forfeiture of any fees paid.

Sign the box below and then click "submit application" to send your application to the club.

There is required information missing from your application, please see details above the form!