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2016-10-05 23:25:25

Trip to the beach

OK- so we are in Maine with a lot of nice beaches- but both Jess and I had spent a bunch of time in Cape Cod growing up and wanted to go back. So we got two (light) acomplises and took off on a lovely Saturday in August.

You could see Pease from quite a ways away. We went down the coast until Gloucester and then turned towards the cape.

A very cool sight- the airport was busy so we went south a little and did a nice long approach into the pattern. I didn't see this but all of the passengers saw whales from the airplane- very cool! I was too busy trying not to have a Cirrus run into us.

As we started to work our way north.

We went and saw the sights of P-Town! A free bus from the airport took us there quite quickly.

But not so quickly back- it wouldn't stop so we wound up taking a walk on the bike path for four miles back. Oops.

At long last though we got to the beach (right by the airport). It was lovely out- and the life saving station was open! Was very cool to go to a place I treasured as a kid.

We all had a delightful swim in the ocean.

Then before we knew it, we were back in the air headed for PWM. Was very cool to lift off.

Later P-Town!

And there we go- just in time for sunset near Portland. What a lovely day it was.

2016-08-20 22:12:08

Over the Whites to Gorham House of Pizza!

I've always wanted to fly over the White Mountains; its an amazing place. So when a quiet friday evening lined up with when I had the plane and two friends who felt likewise we went for it. This is looking south at Attitash from over the Dry River Wilderness. (The aerial shots are from my friend Ben)

�Looking north up the presidentals.�

We then looped over up crawford notch and then back down over the Pemi. Bondcliff was spectacular. We exited right through the notch of Galehead and South Twin- you can see the hut very clearly!�

And then the adventurous part! Gorham, NH has a little (very bumpy) grass strip. Moreover, it has Mr. Pizza, a joint which Nathanial and Ben have long known well. Getting in was the most exciting landing I've ever done. Mountains are on all quarters along with terrain that rises on all sides. Did a high pass, a low pass, and then a final approach over the town of Gorham. At long last we came down. Wasn't as good as the first landing but it wasn't bad either!

It was an amazing evening.�

The very official sign!

Mr. Pizza actually had a long wait time (and we wanted out before dark!) so we were able to get in quickly at Gorham House of Pizza. Everything we wanted!

Some local friends, Dave and Abby gave us a ride back.�

A plane and some dudes

The takeoff was very lumpy and bumpy but 18D got us up nice and quick!�Looking back as we were into Maine- what a sight!

2016-08-12 02:33:42

First Grass Field

Have been wanting to get a grass landing in for a while. I had driven by Eagle Field in Yarmouth and thought it looked in very good shape. I had planned to go for a sunset cruise with friends but they all bailed so I decided it might be the time to try. After calling the owner and getting permission, I set off. Did one fly over, one low pass, and then got as low and slow as I dared. It was actually really nice; the landing was good and field is in amazing shape.

Here is 4818D pulled off to the side where I parked for a few minutes.

Was a lovely evening.

You can see my (pretty) straight tracks!

This was the other reason- it is right next to Toot's Ice Cream!

Walking back to the plane after the ice cream.

The social media shot.

Was a lovely ride back to Portland. It was so rewarding to finally land on a grass field. It could have been a little slower but overall I felt really proud of setting it down exactly in the centerline and executing a good take off and landing.

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